Our Capabilities

Port Graham Development Corporation

PGDC is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) whose principles and philosophies are guided by the Alutiiq heritage, culture, and values. PGDC is committed to delivering the highest possible value, on schedule, and on budget to our customers. PGDC is a full-service Program/Project Management, IT, Engineering, Construction and Professional Services firm characterized by a robust accounting system, rigid schedule management standards, and strict real-time Project accountability.

This ANC firm was originally formed by the Port Graham Corporation, an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation, based in Port Graham, a small fishing village located in Southcentral Alaska. It has now expanded its capabilities and expertise by way of an alliance with industry leaders who founded and developed New Horizons Telecom, Inc., an ISO Certified, award-winning Project Management, A/E (Architect/Engineering), Construction, and EF&I (Engineer, Furnish & Install) company that specializes in supporting the telecom/data industry.

Past Performance

Providing TACCOM Program Management for an IP-based tactical communications network, including the migration of existing OFO and OBP radio systems to the RIPS over 20 locations, and interface with the AMOC.Contract Number: HSSS01-12-D-0029     Agency: CBPContract Type:  FFP                      Dollar Value:  $25.9M 

DOA: 12/23/2013          Performance: 12/2013 – 2/2016

Provided full-time staffing and monitoring 24x7x365 at the Network Operations Center (NOC) with SECRET-level personnel.  Responsible for maintaining a highly secure IA-compliant network protecting against cyber threatsContract Number: DJD-10-C-0021            Agency: DEAContract Type:  T&M                   Dollar Value:  $9.1M

DOA: 9/9/2011                 Performance: 9/2011 – 3/2015

Performing technical engineering and the PMO functions of the DIP project for TACCOM. Assess, plan, deploy and implement the replacement of existing analog equipment.

Contract Number: HSSS01-12-D-0029     Agency: CBP

Contract Type:  FFP                     Dollar Value:   $16M

DOA: 9/25/2012              Performance: 9/2012 – 9/2014

Available Services

Port Graham Development CorporationPGDC now offers expert Professional Services with considerable experience in the following suites:

IT – Information Technology

  • Network Engineering and Implementation
  • WAN/LAN & Data System Development
  • Video Teleconference / Video Surveillance Systems
  • Voice and Data Wireless Services, including Cellular, PCS, and WiFi Systems
  • Microwave, Satellite, Cellular, PCS, and Fiber Optic Systems
  • MSS (Mobile Satellite Service) for Voice, Data, and Private Networks via Globalstar
  • Telecommunication/Data Equipment Specification and Equipment Provisioning
  • Factory Certified Equipment Installation Crews

Engineering & Professional Technical Services

  • GIS, Mapping and CADD Services
  • Vehicle/Vessel Tracking Systems
  • Building Controls, Energy Conservation and Security Systems
  • Facility Operations and Maintenance
  • Real Estate and Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Permitting, Environmental Assessment, and Remediation Services

Image Processing and Remote Sensing

  • Image Classification
  • Impervious Surface Delineation
  • Aerial Photogrammetry, Mosaicing, and Balancing
  • Satellite Date Processing (1 and 5 Meter)

Turnkey Building A&E / Construction Management Services

  • New Building Design and Construction
  • Renovations and Tenant Improvements
  • Data Center, Central Office and NOCC Design/Build Services
  • Heavy Construction and Building Materials, including Precast Building Structures
  • Towers, Remote Site Construction / Hybrid Power Systems
  • Emergency and Standby Power Systems including UPS and DC Plant Implementation
  • Fuel Storage System Design, Removal and/or Replacement; including

Manufacturing, Assembly, Logistics Management & Specialty Services

  • Specification, Purchasing, Inventory Control and Quality Monitoring of Supplies and    Services
  • Shipping, Receiving, Warehousing, Export Packaging and Custom Kitting
  • Light Manufacturing of Metal Products
  • Electronic Product Manufacturing and Assembly (UL Licensed)
  • Modular Buildings and Custom Integration
  • Airport Lighting and Control Systems
  • To view codes and clearances, please see our PGDC Codes & Clearances